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The SubCommittee Report

The SubCommittee Report is a wide-ranging publication for the true submarine enthusiast. Chock full of submarine reference material, lore, history, photos and technical articles, this resource is also invaluable for anyone interested in sub-related books, movies, gaming, memorabilia, museums, collectibles, and static models: we do our best to cover it all! A primary focus, of course, is the radio-controlled model submarine hobby. Appearing extensively within its pages, the SCR features loads of information on techniques, builds and gatherings.

The first SCR edition was published in April of 1990, and over the decades has covered the combined brain trust of our hobby in its formative years and beyond. Trends, technology, plus simply an unabashed affection for all things submarine—

if you love subs, you've found your publication!


SubCommittee members gain instant access to our entire library of past issues, plus a full index detailing all topics, authors, and articles in every single issue...making your own Hunt for Red October—or any other submarine topic—a snap!

Want to see the information goldmine at your fingertips with your membership? Download the SCR Index right now:

SCR Index (last updated December 2023 )



Current SubCommittee members can browse and download all issues of the SCR here


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Click the image above to download a FREE copy of a recent SubCommittee Report.

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