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RC Submarines For Dumb-Asses

Through the generosity of the author, Steve Neill, the SubCommittee is proud to offer a digital copy of Steve's book, "RC Submarines for Dumb-Asses".

In these pages you will find an excellent resource for building your own RC submarine, written from the perspective of a talented and accomplished model maker. 

Download "RC Submarines for Dumb Asses" HERE.


Diving Deep - A Beginner's Guide to RC Submarines


Building remote controlled submarines is hard. Unlike RC boats, cars and planes, there are not thousands of vendors supporting hundreds of thousands of worldwide hobbyists. Like their full-sized brethren, these craft ply the depths in one of the most unforgiving environments on the planet.

In "Diving Deep", Bob Martin brings his extensive experience to bear in an attempt to demystify this amazing hobby, providing an overview of basic information, resources and techniques that the beginning submariner and experienced sub skipper alike will find useful in their building journey.


187 pages, full-color, illustrated.


Available for purchase in Digital or Soft-cover book formats. Also available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.

Diving Deep RC Submarines
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