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2023 is a critical election year for our organization.


The SubCommittee’s entire Executive Team is stepping down after three successful years. This means the SC is seeking fresh candidates for President, Vice President and Treasurer. Our Membership Chairman may be going to sea later this year, meaning his position could open up too, though it’s an appointed post, not an elected one. The newly elected officers will come aboard in January 2024.


Our charter as a non-profit organization stipulates we must have these positions filled to remain viable; without them we’ll have to shut down and disband as an organization. Don’t let that happen!


Do you enjoy The SubCommittee? Do you want to see us continue? We hope so! Step forward and plan to join us as part of a new, incoming Executive Team. 

If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please email Jeff Porteous, Elections Committee Chairman at


Here’s a brief rundown on the roles of the officers:


• President – The Chairperson of the Exec. Committee and the executive for the administration of The SubCommittee, subject to the direction of the Executive Committee. Approximately two to three hours/month.

• Vice President – Responsible for keeping the records of The SubCommittee, including the Policies and Procedures Manual (PPM). If necessary, the Vice President may act as the President of The SubCommittee if the President becomes unable to perform those duties. Two to three hours a month.

• Treasurer - In charge and in custody of all the funds of The SubCommittee, as directed by the Executive Committee and the PPM. The Treasurer shall establish and follow ethical accounting and expenditure controls and shall make full disclosure of all financial dealings of The SubCommittee. About one to two hours/month.

• Membership Chairman - Assists members with all questions and problems pertaining to membership status and access, including resolving website software glitches related to same. Usually about two hours/month.



2023 Election Notice brought to you by your Election Committee:

Tom Spettel Steve Hodges Bruce Martin Tom Dougherty Jeff Porteous Vaughn Schmitt Paul Crozier

  • July15th: deadline for candidates to announce intentions of running

  • August 15th: voting and candidate information included in SCR, forums and website

  • October 15th: voting closes and new officers announced

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