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Best ballast system

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Postby Skip Asay » Wed Mar 26, 2003 9:57 pm

Feet Wet-
Using any type of compressed gas/air for periscopes only adds to the problem inherent with using that medium for ballast systems - it needs to be replenished. It will also have to be replenished more often since some of it will be diverted away from it's primary use.
Try using model airplane fuel pumps and pump water instead. I've built several of these over the years that are still going strong. Dig back into the SubCommittee Report archives (Issue #22-How It Works) for a write up and sketch.

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Postby ThierryC » Thu Mar 27, 2003 12:32 am

I have finally settled for the ballast system:
the ballast tank will be vented like a regular propel based system with two vents valves at the top. When the ballast tank will be full, the boat will be at periscope depth, the head of the snorkel will thus be sticking out of the water. When I want to surface the boat I will just start the compressor and suck air from the snorkel and into the ballast tank.
If I want to dive deeper than periscope depth, the boat will be equipped with two small piston tanks fore and aft that will be used as trim tanks and to get the boat to a precise depth.
This way I don't need compressed air, I don;t need to refuel with propel, the cost is very low compared to full sized piston tanks (Engel), and it allows me to control my sub safely and with the two dive system I can alway bring the boat to at least periscope depth if either of the ballast system fails.
For the periscopes and other masts/cranes I will simply use a waterpump and pistons, pretty much like Skip suggested in his post.
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