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Looking for a Balao class sub

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Postby 87-1046108477 » Mon Mar 24, 2003 5:50 pm

I am wanting to build a Balao class USS Razorback. Yes, I am from Arkansas... WOOOOO PIG! In my long search for a sub named after Arkansas, this is the closest I will get.

I am greatful for any help on where I can get a good kit. I saw the ones from Scale Shipyard but I have no idea how deatailed the hull and tower is. I guess I am talking about etchings, holes, and such.

Has anybody ever dealt with the Scale shipyard Balao kits before? Any suggestion where I can get a good Balao kit? ???

Postby 99-1045850132 » Tue Mar 25, 2003 12:13 pm

Yo, Wartoy, The Scale Shipyard (Lee Upshaw) does build some nice hulls, I have heard nothing but good about him. He is currently trying to build a 32 scale Fleet boat, which he said was supposed to be out later this year. You did not state what scale you wanted your Balao in. Lee has several other scales available. SS 394 is a late Balao class boat, I think she may have carried two 5 inch guns, one forward , one aft. She was converted to a Fleet snorkel, So a later configuration would look similar to the Carbonero, A fleet boat bow with a step sail. She was built in Portsmouth so the limber hole pattern should be of a portsmouth boat not like an EB boat, plus other distinct charecteristics. Hope this helps, If I run across a picture of her I will let you know. Cheers, Go Arkansas.

Postby 99-1045850132 » Tue Mar 25, 2003 4:03 pm

Yo Wartoy, Belay that last. I got the information of the Razorback from Jim Christley's book, I read it wrong. It actually shows it was converted to a Guppy IIA. The photo of her on the net confirms this. Sorry about that. I am currently building a Guppy IIA in 32 scale. Cheers,

Postby WL Upshaw/Scale Shipyard » Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:31 pm

At this time I have a 1:48 scale Balao hull set in the box and ready to be shipped out :;): One other boat is already to go to a customer in Canada just as soon as I get FedEx to get back with me to set up the shipment.

This hull comes with the Conning Tower, rudder, dive planes, 5" gun, 2 40mm guns, hatches, escape hatches, capstans, stern chock, anchor, W/T cannisters covers, periscope tops, roller cleats, cleats and radar unit.
This makes a model that is 78" long.
Cost is $389.00 + S&H, this is an over sized box so shipping for the continental USA averages about $60.00. :p
W.L. Upshaw
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Postby 87-1046108477 » Wed Mar 26, 2003 12:01 am

Thanks to you Scale Shipyard! :;): I would love to get the 1:48 scale boat. As it is, this will be my first boat. As I understand it I would have to "create" my own deck, scribe the details on the hull and tower, and cut out the holes that are not marked on the hull. Again, this being my first boat, I don't think I am ready for that much "scratch". :D I have build R/C planes, finishing a Perry class target from BaD Models, and am getting ready to scratch build a CSS Arkansas. That will be the first scratch anything I will have ever tackeled. A Balao class sub is what I want to build but I don't think I have the skill level of scratch building yet. :(

Now if anybody has a Balao kit which includes the desk, holes marked and scribing, then I have money in hand.

Again Scale Shipyard, thanks for the help! If you know where I can find what I need, please by all means, let me know or send them my way. Woo Pigs!

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