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San Francisci Regatta - When

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby JeffG » Fri May 07, 2004 11:56 am

I have been missing for a while but I am back. Hope to go to the San Francisco event.
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Postby Dolphin » Sat May 08, 2004 4:57 pm

Welcome back. Here's the brief story.

No more regattas with Subcommittee submarines at the fly casting ponds in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. You can operate your subs at Spreckles Lake though on independant 'patrols'.

Tom Anderson who organized the previous SF regatta's at the Fly Casting ponds is developing short term a regatta in October 2004 in Benicia, California at a public swimming pool located there.

Long term, I am planning a new location for a submarine only SubCommittee regatta in Antioch, California in October 2005. See the 'Dolphin' SC home page. This home page will explain the new site. Though the Fly Casting pond was a great -almost ideal site, politically (and in San Francisco, a cat can't even pee in his/her litter box without something there being political) the Fly Casting club was uncomfortable with us sharing this site with them once a year. Go figure. It wasn't us running military subs, but the club felt we crowded them (not in any way true). So it was time to find a new location. Hope the new Antioch pool is worthy, I believe it is. A regatta in October 2004 in Antioch is not possible this year due to major scheduled pool maintainence at the Antioch site - to be completed before the end of the winter of 2005.


Steve Reichmuth

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