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Postby bobcowan » Wed Mar 19, 2003 8:40 pm

Hi all,

Just sending in my first post on the new SC message boards (fantastic btw) to announce I finally have my own website! Would love to get the SC's input in my guestbook and don't forget to put a pin where you're logging in from on the guestmap. The address is
Bob Cowan
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Postby Desert Boat » Thu Mar 20, 2003 1:07 am

Loved the site Bob. Where do you get the time to build all those boats? Keep it up!

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Ray Agee
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Desert Boat
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Postby 109-1045975219 » Fri Mar 21, 2003 4:54 pm

Hi Bob,

Don't know if you remember, Mike Godding from the Ottawa club ran a 1/72 scale type VIIc. Anyway checked out your site looks really great, wow you have been busy building. Keep up with the good work.

By the way, I still miss the "Bob show" (Ottawa radio)

Mike :laugh:

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