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SubRegatta Raffle Donations - a challenge - Not just for vendors!

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby TMSmalley » Thu Apr 29, 2004 12:08 pm

I am getting ready to send out the requests to our vendors for donations to the SubRegatta raffle table again this year.
As in the past - I'm sure the good folks will come up with some great stuff for the committee to raffle off to help cover the cost of the Regatta.

If you were ever wondering why there is no charge to go to the regatta - that's why. The vendors pay the costs! Matt, Dave, Al, Skip, Dave M all give the big stuff - and without complaint. Hulls, WTCs, electronics, kits, etc. Many of the other vendors give as well.

I bought an extra Revell Type VII kit by accident. :p I forgot I ordered a second one and it just appeared one day after I had already gotten one from a different hobby shop. Instead of sending it back for the refund, I will be shipping it to Tony Gallonio to put out on the table for some lucky attendee to win.

How about some other non-vendor SubCommittee members chipping in a prize too? As of late I have seen a number of kits popping up on the "for sale" side of this message board. How about some of you kicking in one of them as a donation?

How about some of those "Like New" submarine books that you looked at once and put on the shelf? Instead of selling them on Amazon - send them in to do the club some good.

Please send what you can to raffle co-chair Tony Gallonio. His address is
Mr. Anthony Gallonio
22 David Drive
Cranston, RI 02920-4371

You will of course be mentioned in the December 2004 write up of the SubRegatta in the SCR and you will get a nice warm fuzzy too, knowing you helped our one of a kind club!


Tim Smalley
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Postby Novagator » Thu Apr 29, 2004 2:03 pm

On a side note, do you have to be present to enter and win?
John Cottingham
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Postby JWLaRue » Thu Apr 29, 2004 4:57 pm


Someone has to be there to respond to each ticket being pulled. So if you want to use someone as a 'proxy' that would work fine. This is partly due to how the raffles have been run. As each ticket is drawn, the winner then chooses their prize from those on the table. Obviously, the sooner one of your tickets is drawn the better your chances of snagging that hull kit!

In the past a few folks have purchased tickets and left before the drawing......and essentially made a donation to the SubCommittee. :D

Rohr 1.....Los!
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Postby Art Broder » Fri Apr 30, 2004 10:42 pm

To start the donations to the Subregatta raffle from visitors to this forum and potential attendees, I will make a donation of a small 6V air pump/compressor, suitable for use in the RCABS (Ballast System), or for making operating masts or other pneumatic devices in sub models.
I will also donate a prize of several old dental instruments (tools) for use in scribing and working in tight spaces. The tips can be reground to suit your modeling needs.
I'll be sure Tony Gallonio gets them long before the Regatta. :O
What have you got for a donation?
Art Broder
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Art Broder
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Postby boatbuilder1 » Fri May 07, 2004 8:25 am

well you got me thinking too
I will donate a few of the robbe u47 accessory paks that we make
and some plans that we no longer need
and some pc games I dont use but best of all a cd with U-boat grid maps

and I am looking for a proxy ticket holder for me I would like 10 tickets so anyone willing to do this for me let em know thanks

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