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I AM NEMO! - or at least a Nemo wannabe...

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby Bob the Builder » Mon Apr 19, 2004 4:41 pm

My wife and I were recently at St. Thomas, VI and came across this tour. Once I saw it, I had to do it!

It's called Sea Trek, and you get to walk around the bottom of the ocean under thirty feet of water with a diving helmet on... ala Nemo!

The helmet weighs about 75lbs and gives you enough traction to walk around on the ocean floor. Air is pumped into the helmet from above, leaving your head nice and dry. The water was crystal clear to about fifty feet or so... absolutely beautiful.

Short of complete insanity (like one other person around here with his own working Nautilus and reproduction Nemo dive suit), this is about as close as I'll ever come to being Nemo. I've got a working model of the submarine and I've walked around the ocean floor just like his crew.

Now all that's left is for me to go on a murderous vigilante crusade and rid the world of 'warmongers'.

Hmmm... might need to wait on that a bit. I need to mow the grass this weekend. :D

Ya... that's me.

And this is my beautiful wife:

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Postby Captain Nemo » Wed Apr 21, 2004 8:16 am

Hi Bob,

A couple minutes ago I was checking THE NAUTILUS DIVING CHAMBER site and I came across one of these pics and a couple of a sub in a folder started by Harry Hathorne. Nothing wrong with that, but I posted a message asking the author to please identify himself so we'd know who he was and find out more about it. Now I know! Heh!

Pretty cool looking rigs! Sounds like a lot of fun, too. I'd like to try this some time myself!


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Postby Novagator » Wed Apr 21, 2004 9:07 am

Looks like fun, but I will stick with my Scuba gear. Now that you did that, get certified in SCUBA diving and have some real fun.
John Cottingham
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