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1/72 Moebius Skipjack

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1/72 Moebius Skipjack

Postby wlambing » Sun Apr 06, 2014 2:10 pm


Intending to use a home-built type cylinder set-up in this beast and was wondering if anyone might share how they did the saddle mounts for their cylinders??? I have some ideas for my build, but figured I'd ask about methods already in use. I know that whatever gets used has to be compatible with styrene adhesives.


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Re: 1/72 Moebius Skipjack

Postby Ralph --- SSBN 598 » Sun Apr 06, 2014 10:12 pm

I am currently building this Skipjack and another boat.

I have purchased 1/4" thick by 2.5" wide sheet styrene plastic from McMaster-Carr.
This is the same plastic the Skipjack is made of.
I will be cutting half circles to fit inside the hull halves.
Will be using styrene weld glue.

Also from MCMaster-Carr
I have 3.5" PVC solid rod to make end caps and in cylinder separators.
And I have a 24" piece of polycarbonate tube for my cylinder. Will be cutting that to 21".

I'm using information from another builder, Tim, who has a working boat.
His boat can be seen HERE

I have all the parted needed except the ballast water pump.
3 pumps should be here any day. Only need one.
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