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New Member Questions re:Nautilus

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New Member Questions re:Nautilus

Postby chooch » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:11 pm

Hello: My name is chooch and I'm a 45year Member of the San Francisco Model Yacht Club, and my interests have always center around building and operating large scale gas, steam and electric model yachts. Over my years of modeling, I have always been intriqued by the Disney version of the Nautilus since I first saw the movie as a kid. Approx. 2 weeks ago, Lee Seiler completed an outstanding model of the Nautilus, complete with rust and all the authentic touches. However, I originally wanted a completed model that was painted, but still in two halfs. Even though Lee spot glued the hulls together and then finished the model, his craftsmanship is much too perfect for me to ever be split apart, or cut-up for diving planes. Also, since I've always been accustomed to building models with hull lengths in the 56" to 65" range, Lee's 30" model, once I received it, looks too small for me. I'm finding that I am more partial to something in the 48" to 60" length. So, I searched the internet and found the Engel Model Submarine Co. in Germany. After contacting the company and speaking to Greg for quite some time, and then brousing through their on-line website, I was very impressed with the quality of their Nautilus kit. But when we started talking about the cost of a kit, plus shipping, along with the fluctuating value of the dollar vs. the Euro, I found myself looking at a possible $2,000+ price tag. After being a modeler for quite some time and fairly cost conscious, my first reaction was to join a Model Submarine Club(which I did today), so I can speak to fellow Members that may be able to help me out. Therefore, here are my opening questions, that I would be very happy if you could help me begin to answer:
** Are there any Engel Nautilus Submarines out there, that someone has built, that they are tired of, or in need of repair, that they would like to possibly sell?
** Are there any SubCommittee Members, that have developed their own version of the Nautilus in the 48"+ length, that are creating a complete kit with diving planes, drive motor, ballast tanks
etc. with a complete WTC?
** Do any Members have a used Nautilus model that might be a good start for what I'm looking to build(re-build?)...the Engel Company's price tag and the uncertainty of the model's price &
shipping costs surprised me.
Any help you can give me would be really appreciated...many thanks, chooch
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Re: New Member Questions re:Nautilus

Postby Scott T » Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:37 pm

Hi Chooch. A couple of good sites for the disney nautilus are: Shows different Nautilus boats that have been built by Bob.
All things Disney Nautilus

By no means am I stearing you away from this site. If you do a search for Disney or Nautilus you will find some
good threads like:

Welcome aboard Chooch. 8)
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Re: New Member Questions re:Nautilus

Postby Carcharadon » Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:38 am

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Re: New Member Questions re:Nautilus

Postby Bob the Builder » Thu Apr 18, 2013 4:23 pm


I'm somewhat afflicted with the Disney Nautilus and have built many, many (many) R/C and static versions of the sub over the years. This includes the Engel version, the 31", the 48" and the 66" variants. The 31" Nautilus may seem small, but with such a nice beam you can easily convert to R/C and have a great performing boat. Check out my YouTube channel (RCSubGuy) and you'll see a few examples in various sizes.

I can supply 31" and 66" boats fairly readily, and I actually have a selection of 48" boats as well. If you're interested, drop me a line at and we'll figure something out. Just as a word of warning, the Disney Nautilus is a bit of a holy grail in the sub world and hull kits are not cheap in the slightest. Pricing ranges from $450 for the 31" kits to nearly $2000 for the 66" versions.

I hope that helps!


Bob Martin,
RCSub homepage:
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Re: New Member Questions re:Nautilus

Postby Carcharadon » Fri Apr 19, 2013 12:20 pm

Steve Neill is a good source and has experience with the Disney Nautilus
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Re: New Member Questions re:Nautilus

Postby Chuck Chesney » Tue Apr 30, 2013 6:27 pm

I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for almost fifty years, and spent many happy days running my boats on the magnificent Boat Pond in Golden Gate Park, immediately adjacent to the San Francisco Model Yacht Club. You have a world class venue for your boats, and the only thing that could possibly be a trouble spot for you is that as I remember, the Boat Pond is semi-brackish water, which means that radio signals will have great difficulty in penetrating the water while submerged. The Fly Fishing pond is the better choice, with it's clear, calm, fresh water.
Bob the Builder is Mr. Nautilus, and is the guy that I would look to as The Source for good information. I've built the Total Immersion kit, and it builds into a beautiful model, surely big enough to make fully operational, although mine is a display boat only. The Nautilus was not a big ship in the mind of Jules Verne, or Disney, for that matter, so the Total Immersion boat could fit in nicely, cruising the Boat Pond, or the Fly Fishing pond. It will be a sight to behold !
Best of luck, from a man who has surely Left His Heart in San Francisco.

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