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Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience

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Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience

Postby PaulC » Sun Feb 24, 2013 8:49 pm


Last weekend my wife and I went to New Orleans, LA to tour the National WWII Museum. Their latest exhibit is one that every bubblehead will enjoy. It is called Final Mission: USS Tang Submarine Experience and opened only a month ago. It is essentially the first WWII submarine combat thrill ride.


Based on Tang's fifth war patrol, you enter a mockup of a WWII submarine (1:1 stand-off scale) and perform simple duties at one of the stations. Then the boat surfaces and the ceiling becomes a 360 degree panorama of the ocean as Dick O'Kane attacks his final convoy. Once the ships are sunk, you move back in for the final kill shot -- that ends in a circular run that sinks the boat. The room shakes, there are loud noises, clouds of smoke instead of seawater. It's pretty amazing.


The "experience" really gave me a better understanding of the night surface attack. It's like playing the old Silent Hunter II game except you're in it instead of playing it. It's hard to describe -- and I'll write up a full article for the SCR -- but I highly recommend it. The rest of the museum is first rate as well (check out the Beyond All Boundaries film too).
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