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Postby g2tiger » Wed Dec 12, 2012 1:59 pm


The group meet went well. Everyone had a grea time. In attendance were Warren Wilson, Lyle Price, Charlie Johnson, Bud Leaderer, Doug Gracy and a new man named Bill (I can not remember his last name). The weather was perfect, unusal for florida. We did have some Canadian geese and a few Blue Herons to chase. The Blue Heron was nto a happy bird. Each sortie that we sent out on patrol th eBlue would launch his own sortie and buzz the boats! The escalation grew untill several boats were sent to attempt a pincher move on a large group of geese. The Blue was up and flew out to give warning and the Canadian's got away again, haha!

No trouble with any boats and several new targets were show off or leak checked. Bill brought a former baloon boat which he had convetted into a PBR from the Vietnam era. Ran great and looked super out on the waves.

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