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Postby Ahab79 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 10:48 pm

A very very very long story short. Happilyy divorced from an abusive woman. WAS MARRIED 10 YEARS. I'm a male psych nurse...she was admitted to my unit. SO I HAVE A NEW GIRLFRIEND AND MONEY AND TIME.

I'm starting my first sub after dreaming for ten years about doing it. I'm starting small because I know next to nothing about anything Remote control. I've purchased some pretty simple plans off e-bay and using those to make my first DIY sub. After that I will build another.

Here are the questions I'm having a hard time finding answeres for with google.

Can I buy a stuffing box for a propeller shaft? And if so where?
What kind of props are best fora smalls ub with two motors mounted on nacels? And shafts?
I have a futuba 7 channel radio with reciver 5 servos. Its older. I may need to replace transmitter battery and reciever battery... CANT' SEEM TO FIND REPLACEMENT BATTERYS ON
And I'm going to be running a lot of energy off the reciever can I upgrade to something more powerful for longer run time? Can I just buy a battery holder and keep recharging Lithium batteries at home and splice some wires in? the reciever battery has got me stumped.
And last speed controllers.....i need two for this project... any suggestions on what to buy/steer clear from.

Thanks for any help!!!!! Can't wait to start this build. Will be joining my local subcom in 2 weeks.

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Postby salmon » Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:05 am

Let me say WELCOME. I can relate to the ongoing desire and the reality of being able to do that dream now. I have just completed my first sub.
There are those here a lot more knowledgeable than me and I will let them answer first. Again welcome and read the postings on here, much to learn!
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Postby Sub culture » Fri Jul 06, 2012 12:28 pm

Most R/C transmitters use a 9.6 volt pack of AA sized rechargables.

Years ago these would have been nicads, these days they will be NimH. They are avilable in various capacities, but I would recommend looking at Sanyo Eneloop NimH. These are very low self discharge, and unlike conventional NiMH technology which lose charge very quickly, Eneloop batteries retain 80% of their charge after a year sitting on the shelf, and the latest versions 90%. These are just like using dry cell batteries.

So purchase eight of those, and wire them into a pack. Amazon and ebay are good places to look, and there are one or two other companies producing low self discharge NiMH batteries.

Regarding the receiver pack, most of us use the BEC (battery eliminiator circuit) which is built-in to the vast majority of ESC's these days. Unless you're running a lot of servos, they're usually perfectly adequate. If you're running three or more servos, you might want to think about a standalone BEC or running with a separate receiver battery. I wouldn't recommend using lipos for R/C equipment, for one unless you use a monitor of some description you run the risk of running them down too low, and secondly they chuck out a voltage too high for a lot of R/C kit, so you will need to run a voltage regulator. If you do that, you might as well fit a BEC.

Stuffing boxes are available from various places. Mikes Subworks, Norbert Bruggen, Engel, Marks Model bits.

Regarding speed controllers, that depends somewhat on the kind/size of boat you wish to put them in. For brushed control I use Microgyros and CTI Thor controllers and for brushless I've used Castle Creations and units from Hobbyking. They all have built-in BEC's.
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Postby Giovanni » Fri Jul 06, 2012 1:56 pm

Here is another alternative. These batteries have advantages over LiPo batteries, being more durable and minimal discharges during non-use. I have used Hyperion batteries for a while and have had good luck. They are high quality.

Alexander Engel has been selling Robbe brushless motors and ESCs for their model submarines and they are very affordable. ... ts_id=2426
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