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Postby Mike Dory » Wed Feb 01, 2012 6:11 pm

Guy's - I still have a Type XX1 in 1/32 scale, for those would would like to come and pick it up, It's FREE. However, this is NOT FOR THE BEGINNER. This boat is 8 ft. long and weighs something like 100 LBS. (when your trying to get it out of the water).There is nothing on this boat that dosen't move. 6 firing Torps., Guns, RDF loop, Radar all turn. Lights all work even the watch crew take up their places on the conning tower on command. diving planes retract in to the hull ETC. In short, it does 34 differnt thing . So yes, it's complex. and it's big. Your going to need a P/U truck or a van. some little SUV ain't going to cut it. You may still call or e-mail me. at any time.

All my other boats are now gone. As I said before, It's been a wonderful time being with you all God Bless...Mike Dory
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