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Deck Stowage

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Deck Stowage

Postby QuarterdeckToph » Tue Jan 24, 2012 6:09 pm

Hey folks...
I am working on drawings, and a build, which I have posted elsewhere, but I have some questions that might best be answered here. If it is in the wrong spot, forgive me! :-)

I see this deck stowage box listed on every drawing I have of type VIIC and VIIC/41, and I see it referenced in a rough sort of way from the front looking aft in the drawing of Frame#106 from "Anatomy..." (The dwg is of #106, but shows the ghost of the box behind it.)
This box butts up on its aft end with the solid bulkhead at frame#102. It sits on the port side only, as to Stbd fixed to the bulkhead @ #102 is the valve and mechanism for the bow buoyancy tank.
(edits to fix wrong frame ref - sorry! :-) )


I would like to know more of how it is constructed, and how it is accessed from the deck.

It seems to me that this box, the anchor chain and hawse are inter-related, and possibly go through this box.

I would like to know how this happens! :-)
Do any of you have pics or refs that show more?
I would like to build the model with this deck hatch open, as we all know that open deck hatches make cooler toys to look at! ;-)

Secondary question - the row of small round drainage holes in that area of the bows and the structural work that supports the steel part of the casing on both the Atlantic and regular bow...

I assume those holes sit above the Bow buoyancy tank, or are somehow sep. from it, but that whole construction is puzzling.

Trying to construct the frames, the bow supports, our little Deck storage box, the bow buoyancy tank, those little drain holes and the towhook well, it is making me scratch my head a little!
It is funny, because till you try to draw that area of the ship, and then try to build it in miniature, one is easily tricked into thinking that part will be easy.

Thanks from a lightly stranded modeler!
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Re: Deck Stowage

Postby JWLaRue » Tue Jan 24, 2012 8:15 pm

That looks like the access hatch to gain access to the wheel to manually winch in/out the anchor.....this from memory.

Rohr 1.....Los!
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Re: Deck Stowage

Postby QuarterdeckToph » Tue Jan 24, 2012 9:17 pm

Thanks for so rapid a response, but I think that the box is on the fwd side of the solid bulkhead that forms the rear part of the bow buoyancy tank.
In other words, it would have had no direct contact with the capstan and that area, but I think the anchor chain and perhaps part of the anchor hawse did go through it, but in such a way that it did not compromise the seals needed that formed part of the bow buoyancy tank.
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