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New from MMB - More hull free flooding cheats!

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New from MMB - More hull free flooding cheats!

Postby andyn » Wed Aug 03, 2011 5:40 am

Continuing on from our deck grating set for the Models By Design / Darnell Type 7 U boat, we have a complete set of all the free flood holes down the side, cut in 1mm plastic.

Will save you hours of drilling and filing holes, all to find one is slightly wonky :wink: Just cut a large rectangular slot, glue these in and fill any gaps round the edge.

Set includes:

Flood holes for the front (4 pieces)
Flood holes for the rear (2 pieces)
Odd shaped bits for the lower front of the hull (2 pieces)
Torpedo tube flood hole grates (2 pieces)
Lower tank flood holes (6 pieces)
Upper tank vents (8 pieces)

Price is £25

Andy :D

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