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WWI&II Brit. Sub images, photos - MANY photos, drawings, cutaway drawings

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Postby U-5075 » Mon Mar 10, 2003 3:27 pm

This British website has got an overkill of primarily British images, mostly from WWII, some WWI. There is one catagory for submarine graveyards (scrapyards). There is one for images of the preparations of the US invasion fleet. and towards the end of the long list of image catagory types there is "World War II unusual technical images and cutaways...." followed by a red, large type "CD" Additionally, here and there, at other locations,there are submarine related images. You can down load a lot of these. Or you can simply order what you want on a CD. And the resolution is much better. The cost for the CD's are most reasonable.


Sorry, I can't give you a URL that will bring you directly to the WWII Unusual technical images location.
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