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2011 Australian SubRegatta - beautiful Central Coast NSW

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2011 Australian SubRegatta - beautiful Central Coast NSW

Postby Bradv » Tue Jan 25, 2011 1:47 am

Hi All,

If you've been looking for a new & spectacular place to run your model subs, then we'd love to see you all at the inaugural Central Coast Model Submarine Regatta over the 2011 Queen's Birthday long weekend! For those who aren't Aussies, that's 11th & 12th June this year.

Organized by a few of our enthusiastic inter-state members (many thanks, gents!), the Triple "S" Model Boat Group is sponsoring this new Australian SubRegatta running in alternate (odd) years to complement the excellent biennial Canberra event. We have the exclusive use of a huge 50m Olympic pool at beautiful Gosford on the NSW Central Coast, which being heated should be nicely conducive to us obtaining lots of underwater photos & videos for some great mementos of this event.

All model submarine enthusiasts are most welcome and we look forward to sharing a fantastic weekend with you 8)
Further event details available under the "SubRegatta" link on our club website:

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