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Road construction warning for those traveling west to Indy

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Road construction warning for those traveling west to Indy

Postby eckloss » Sat Jul 10, 2010 4:34 pm

hi all

Just thought i would pass along this bit of info for those of you who may be driving from the east to the regatta this year. If you are taking I70 West through West Virginia, you would normally go through the Wheeling Tunnel. The tunnel is now CLOSED until October for construction (they tried to fix it a couple years ago, the contractors screwed it up and made it worse, and now we here in Wheeling have to deal with the tunnel being closed again for yet another year!)

The detours they have set up are utterly confusing if you are not familiar with the city.

Instead, take the I-470 West bypass around Wheeling. As you are coming down the hill on I70 West towards Wheeling, you will start to see signs for I-470 West. Once the interstate levels out on flat ground at the bottom of the hill, keep in your left two lanes. That will put you on I470, which goes up then down a large hill, over the Ohio river, and into Ohio. After about 10 miles or so through Ohio, I-470 West ends. Again, keep to your left and you will merge back onto I-70 West headed towards Columbus, and eventually Indianapolis.

Hope this helps anyone planning on coming through my crappy little city.

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