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USS Asheville on TV - TV special on the Asheville

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Postby Ramius-II » Tue Jan 20, 2004 11:17 pm

Hi All:

As many people may know I work at KTTV Fox Television here in Los Angeles, California. We are doing a special on the USS Asheville, a Los Angeles Class fast attack submarine out of San Diego. The producer, Bob Tarlau, has a webpage with a lot of pictures of the Asheville at: Below is the text from Bob's site:

"Anchor/reporter John Beard ("Anchor of the Boat"), Photographer Ken Moore and Engineering VP Will Dishong (a former submariner returning to the deep for the first time in over 30 years) went with Bob and the officers and men of the USS Asheville, a Los Angeles Class fast attack submarine on a 24 hour shoot on Jan 12 and Jan 13, 2004 out of San Diego. Results of the voyage will be seen in a half-hour special airing on KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles at 10:30PM on Friday, Feb 20. Tremendous thanks to Commander P. J. Scanlon and the enthusiastic and cooperative crew aboard the USS Asheville along with JOC Robert Feinberg and Lt. Kim Marks of CSS11at Navy Base Point Loma who made this journey a thrilling, never to be forgotten undertaking."

I thought this might be of interest to the members as many times these specials are carried by other Fox stations across the country.

Ed :)
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