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SubCommittee Raffle 2009

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SubCommittee Raffle 2009

Postby PaulC » Wed Sep 02, 2009 10:02 pm

and the SubCommittee Executive Committee

The SubCommittee is pleased to announce the first SubCommittee-sponsored raffle. Working in conjunction with OTW Designs, we are pleased to offer the following prizes:

First prize - an OTW S-class submarine DELUXE kit.
Second - through sixth prizes - an opportunity to purchase the OTW S-class DELUXE kit at a complementary price £585.00 British pounds (plus shipping).

Kits will include the following:

1) The Basic Hull, Brass Deck, Tower, front and rear planes drop skeg and Rudder all pivot rods and bushings, plus full Brass Deck for tower floor, a set of slot cutting templates and a set of drawings and CD with every picture taken during construction by Bob Dimmack and Darrin Hattaway, a set of 15 Hatches, (tower hatches, escape hatches, torpedo loading hatch ammo hatches, and torpedo tube doors), 8 Kingston valves, 2 P eriscope Sheers, The Special Bow Bulk head, 1 Binnacle, 2 P air of Fairings for the front planes.
2) The Deck Gun, and Band stand 20mm Oerlikon.
3) The “A” Frame with 2 Scale Brass Props with shafts.

These raffle prizes have been graciously donated by Bob Dimmack
of OTW and the SubCommittee wishes to extend our deep appreciation for Bob’s generosity.

This raffle is being promoted through both as well as the SubCommittee Report to ensure that all members of the organization are aware of this event. This raffle will be open to all interested parties, members and non-members alike. Tickets will be sold until December 27th and the winning tickets will be drawn and announced on December 31st. The announcement will be made on both the web site as well as in the SubCommittee Report.

Tickets can be purchased either by Check or Money Order sent to the SubCommittee Treasurer. The only restrictions would be that there be no international checks or money orders, all such payments must reflect the US bank responsible to make good on the payment. All Checks must be made out “The SubCommittee, Inc.”

Money Orders and checks can be mailed to:

The SubCommittee Treasurer
Mr. Wm. R. Vanderslice
315 Aquamarine Court
Cold Springs, Nevada 89508-6885

Rules of the Raffle

1) If you join the SubCommittee your membership will give you (1) free raffle ticket.
2) Raffle Tickets will cost $10.00 dollars each.
3) Buy (2) two raffle tickets get a (3) third ticket free.
4) E