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2 Videos of USCG airlift of crewman from sub.

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2 Videos of USCG airlift of crewman from sub.

Postby U-5075 » Sat Oct 03, 2009 9:33 am

Video of US Coast Guard rescue of US Navy sub crewman

One video
The Navy and the Coast Guard may be two different military branches, but new video shows they can rely on each other when needed.

A Coast Guard rescue helicopter evacuated a sick Navy crew member from a submarine Tuesday night.

The Navy called the Coast Guard for help.

The Coast Guard released this footage of the evacuation.

The crew member was flown to an Oregon hospital. Details of his condition are unknown.

A longer video and one photo.

Sailor airlifted from submarine

A crew member was airlifted Tuesday evening from a U.S. Navy submarine off the Washington coast.

The Coast Guard was called just before 6 p.m., and hoisted the man from the sub's sail about an hour later.

The sailor was flown to Oregon Health and Science University where he was listed in good condition.

It was not known why the sailor needed to be hospitalized.

Navy officials said the submarine was from the base at Bangor, Wash., but security policies prevented them from identifying the specific boat involved
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