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1/32nd OTW Designs S Class build thread

This is the place to post your submarine build- ups.

Postby corsairman » Thu Sep 24, 2009 6:21 am

Hello Darrin,

I just recently bought the OTW S class sub, wow what a kit. This will be the 3rd sub I have built from OTW, the first was a Type VII and the second was the Seehund.

I will be using an OTW Dive module in my boat as the one from the Type VII is interchangeable.

Are there any little items I should look out for when building the sub? Does Bob supply the bulkhead for the forward torpedo doors or do you have to custom make it?

I have been looking at your build thread and some of the pictures are not showing up. Any suggestions on how to get them. Or can you e-mail them to me.

My e-mail address is

Will be waiting to hear from you.

Ken Griffin
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