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Highest paid non-officer in military...........

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Highest paid non-officer in military...........

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Submarine chefs on gourmet salaries
June 08, 2009 12:01am
THE highest-paid non-officer in the military is not an elite SAS Sergeant fluent in three languages taking out Taliban bombmakers in Afghanistan, but rather a Leading Seaman cook on a Navy submarine.

A senior sub-sea chef with more than six years of experience under his belt earns up to $200,000 a year, the same money as a junior Admiral. The cooks receive base pay of just $58,806 a year, but when all the submarine and critical-trades allowances are added up, the figure jumps to almost $200,000.

Such is the reluctance of qualified cooks to live and work in a steel pressure-tube deep under the sea and prepare three hearty "comfort" meals a day for up to 58 people, that even $4000 a week can't attract enough starters. Submarine cooks are employed in a category known as "individuals critical to the navy" and attract a bonus of $50,000 a year just for turning up.

An experienced cook also gets a capability bonus of $40,000 a year, a seagoing allowance of $22,254 and a submarine service allowance of $26,703
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