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1/32 Nautilus kits... now shipping!

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1/32 Nautilus kits... now shipping!

Postby Bob the Builder » Thu Jan 29, 2009 1:16 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Well its been a long journey, one full of ups and downs, challenges and victories. At the end, however, I can proudly say that the revised, updated and accurized version of the world's most famous submarine is now nearing completion!

As you all know, we encountered issues getting the model finalized due to a large contract that Custom Replicas undertook for the new Battlestar Gallactica series. That workload, unfortunately, consumed almost all of Custom Replica's resources and put the development of our beloved Nautilus kit on hold for almost six months. Jim Key and Scott Brodeen moved directly from that major undertaking right onto the development of the new Nautilus upgrades and refit, working long hours, huge overtime, and even on holidays (I got one of my last batches of update pictures at 10pm on Christmas Eve!)!

I am, however, now very happy to announce that the wait is now over! We are now taking orders for the first of the new Nautilus kits in 1/32 scale, and believe me... the wait was more than worth it!

The new kits feature a lot of upgrades over the older generation. Remember, this is a fresh set of molds, so the details will be the best, cleanest and clearest possible! The new kits will feature:

* A Brand New Wheelhouse!
o incredible rivet detail
o revised raker arch
o fully functional breather flaps
o fully functional retractable hatch cover
o fully detailed descending staircase
o easier installation of Alligator Eye lighting
o laser cut floor grating
* Totally Revised Upper Deck!
o photo-etched deck grating with recesses
o accurate rivet details
o separate rear vent inserts
* New, Accurate Propeller!
* Totally Revised Upper Raker Teeth!
* Revised Skiff Berth
* Much More!

The first kit will be coming to me so that I can overhaul the assembly instructions with the new components. Unfortunately, the first few kits will still receive the Generation 2 instructions, however as a way of compensation until the new instructions arrive, I am also including a free upgraded skiff kit once they roll out in Spring of '09! Development of the new kit is already in the works, but the new skiffs won't be ready until after the first kits are shipped. I am, therefore, offering a free skiff upgrade to those of you who pre-order your Nautilus kits. They will be shipped out free of charge immediately once they are ready to go.

How to Order!

Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis! Once payment has been received, your name goes into the queue for production! Remember, Jim can only lay up two models per week, so get your order in as soon as you can!

Still to Come!

We're not resting on our laurels! There is much more to come in the very near future from the Nautilus Drydocks! Highest on my priority list is the development of the new full 66" Salon Kit! We've got a great start on the major components.

Now that we'll have our first castings to work from, we're also beginning work on our custom-designed WTC kits for conversion of these models to full R/C operation! Model Master David Merriman III will be designing this kit specifically for our models, and if his past work is any indication, these will be veritable works of art! Look for these to be available in Spring of '09!

We're still offering beautiful Nautilus models in other scales as well! Don't forget about our 16" and 31" model kits!

Thank you!

I want to say "Thank You" to all of you for your patience throughout this process! It may have been slow, but you will all agree, it was well worth the wait!

Very best regards,

Bob Martin
the Nautilus Drydocks

Bob Martin,
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