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Caswell does it right!

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Caswell does it right!

Postby g2tiger » Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:01 pm


I know some have had issues with some vendors but I would like to say that I have had excellent customer service from Caswell. I purchased the Gato conversion kit and have had but two problems. Not bad for a custom build enterprise. Some of my Classic car suppliers are not as responsive. The prop shafts had some sort of "out of round" that I can only say made them act like a cam and not a shaft and the DVD's were missing when the kit arrived.

I contacted Caswell to see if they had experienced this problem via email and I also told them that I had destroyed one shaft trying to sand it while in a dremel tool. (By the way the sanding was working until I failed to watch the speed of the motor and WONK! Don't worry nothing I need to build model subs got hurt). Merriman emailed me and said he was going to send new shafts but I said I would just order and pay for new since I destroyed the old ones tinkering. Today when I got home two perfect shafts were in the mailbox!

Good job Caswell!

Thank you Mr. Merriman!


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