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Engel Ballast Tanks - Uses of Engel Ballast Tanks

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Postby 87-1045888409 » Sat Mar 01, 2003 10:33 pm

I have a pair of 0.75 liter Engel Ballast tanks with the TAES control system. The system bench tests beautifully, BUT it is too long to fit my 1:48 SSY Balao. I realize the reason for two tanks is to keep the center of gravity from shifting as you take on or expel ballast. Has anyone ever used just a single Engel tank and tolerated the shift in CG while ballasting/deballasting? The 1.1 pounds of buoyancy a single tank would give me should be plenty.
Bill Marks ???

Postby 99-1045850132 » Sun Mar 02, 2003 7:43 pm

Say Bill, could be the reason the tanks don't fit, is that they have to go in kittywampus. I saw a photo of the Engel Gato plans on a web site somewhere, sorry i don't recall where, and the tanks were sitting in kitty cornered. One forward, and one aft. Wish I could explain better. c.j.g.

Postby 82-1045815099 » Mon Mar 03, 2003 2:50 am

In the old Engel Gato kit, I don't know about the new one, the tanks, fore and aft, were fitted slanted.

You can fit a single Engel Tank in the centre of the boat and thus on the C of G.

Clive Wadsworth did this in his robbe U47 conversion from Dynamic to Static diver. He wrote 'how to' article on this in the SCR. You might find it helpful.
Hope this helps.
Alec. :cool:

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Postby 85-1046056608 » Tue Mar 04, 2003 12:45 am

A single 750ml Engel tank works well in the robbe U47 kit but the surfaced CWL is still a little low.

I think you would need both tanks to have a "scale" surfaced CWL and be able to take on enough ballast for the boat to achieve a static dive.

All Engel sytems that use two tanks have them arranged so the screw rods are angled off centre. Another way is to fit the tanks off centre (one slightly left, the other slightly right) so the rods don't touch as they motor in and out. With careful planning this leaves plenty room for batteries, radio etc,.., The big disadvantage to the Engel system is the very large WTC and the need for [B]copious amounts[B] of lead to counteract it. My U19 weighs 46 Lbs and it's no where near as big as a 1:48 scale Gato!!

A little more food for thought.


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