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Engel Master series 1/100 Scale Typhoon

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Engel Master series 1/100 Scale Typhoon

Postby aquadeep » Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:57 pm

Hello here is my Typhoon being constructed on the ways at the Amur Ship Yard.
She has been a project in process for 2 years now working off and on ,but now going full steam with duable shifts!

She is a compressor bassed ballast system sub,with a presurrized central depth trim tank.Other tanks might be intalled later.The WTCs are Pellican cases and that way the overall waight will be much less since the air space is less than other disighnes.
10 amps of power from 20 Cylon cells located alongside of the central ballast tank,note the center bulge,it is another tank that is a trim tank.

Seen aft of the rear WTC is mechanism that is atached to the rudder,it turns the retractable aft positioning thruster ,there is anther one close to the bow,both extend and retract mechanicly on command,used to possition the sub for firring thrugh a polonia at the polar regions.
I installed larger 53 mm Roboech brass 7 bladed props that look great.
Missle doors,masts and diveplanes operate hydraulicly from 2 servos and a very special valve as posted before.

The ballast sytems air banks are from bimba and are made from stainless steel.
2 cooling coils and there pumps are also installed,this system is driven by the main shafts and 2 gear boxes and shafts plus several u joints makes the system oprate very smothly and lubricated by the surrounding water in operation,all from Legos Robotics.This will be my secound Typhoon and she will be far more interesting than the first.
Very high level of detail in this hulls scribbing and for 700.00$ was a good deal new from Engel,yes he will sell just the hulls.
Just a bit more tiydding up the wire looms and triming some tubes and she will be ready for pre ballancing tests and leak tests as well as running hardware tests.
Dave Amur Ship Yard 8) :D :D


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Postby Polaris » Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:00 am

Will you be able to make the next funrun on the 28th at Gilligans island?
Perhapps have this magnificent thing running by then?

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