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Sun N Fun 2008 dates set

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Sun N Fun 2008 dates set

Postby PaulC » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:22 am

Location - War Memorial Park, Muskogee, OK (home of USS Batfish SS-310). Park website:

Dates - July 4-5, 2008

Sun N Fun 2008 will be held at the site of the famous USS Batfish in Muskogee, OK at the invitation of the War Memorial Park and Military Museum. SubRon5 will be part of an effort by the park to promote the USS Batfish display and increase awareness of submarine history.

Running area – A temporary pool is to be constructed alongside the USS Batfish. The size as described will be 150'x40'. Depth on the deep side would be 3'-4'. They would fill the pool with water a week prior to the event to allow it to settle.

Batfish sits in a large depression in the ground. Her hull would be used for one side of the running area (the length of the side keel). Two berms would be constructed at 90 degree angles to the hull to complete the ends. The ground slopes from underneath the boat out to the end of the berms and would allow the opposite side to be open.

We will wade in and launch from the open side and run submerged on the far side where it gets deeper. Or possibly stand on Batfish and run our subs below. Talk about ambiance! An area to put up some pop-up tents and tables will be provided. We will have access to power and a fire pit for cooking.

Lodging - The other unique feature of this event is the opportunity to spend the night aboard Batfish on Friday night. Once the sun goes down the attention will turn to fireworks to celebrate the 4th. All SC members will then have the opportunity to spend the night aboard the boat.

The park intends to provide BBQ for sale, local news coverage and a swing band for the event.

Our local contact, Don Baker, needs to provide the Batfish people with a head count for the overnight stay. If you plan to participate in this send Don an email at:
Warm regards,

Paul Crozier
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