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NEED HELP: Rev 1/144 Type VIIC - the decks don't fit ...

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NEED HELP: Rev 1/144 Type VIIC - the decks don't fit ...

Postby rmfield » Sun Mar 16, 2008 4:44 pm

Anybody out there who's built the Rev/Germany 1/144 Type VIIC, I could use some help! I've glued the hull halves together and am now dry-fitting the three deck sections. Here's what I'm seeing:

The aft section will not go flush with the hull without some more work, most likely spreading the hull a bit;

The forward section fits flush into the hull with no problem;

The mid section fits ~OK, but will require a little work due to a lenghtwise gap on the starboard side between the deck and hull;

BIGGEST ISSUE: There is an inexplicable 1/16" gap between the forward edge of the mid deck section and the aft edge of the forward deck section. I CANNOT figure out what the heck's going on except perhaps an engineering error in the kit dimensions. The only recourse I can see is to glue all the sections then fill the gap solid.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any help will be appreciated!
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