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Iron Bottom Sound Gato Sails

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Iron Bottom Sound Gato Sails

Postby herrmill » Tue Oct 30, 2007 7:17 pm


FYI from a recent conversation with Mario Grima of IBS regarding use of their excellent line of 1/72 Gato sails for an RC conversion. This started on a recent SP thread from a question of getting IBS to offer hollow sails to reduce weight. He asked that I post his comments for all to see:

IBS will R&D the plugs for hollow sails, but there are so many different molds and upcoming developments on the line, no promise on timing, For now if want to make the solid tower for rc operation there are two ways to hollow them out, one way is to drill straight holes into the resin from the bottom, The other way is to actually hollow them out from the bottom again to a reasonable amount for the walls. Both ways the piece should be masked taped to keep any damage incurring on the other skin detailing. If you use a drill press at a slow speed it will be very easy and fast. To protect our clients in building there models the IBS policy is If any sail or part there of, gets damaged during buildup, just return it and get your replacement part free of charge. This applies to hollowing out of sails to. Thank you for interest in IBS Model kits, Mario

I'd say their return policy is very fair considering how I can destroy kits!

BTW, Mario is in the process of converting 3 Gatos, one as a long Balao, using Big Dave's WTCs, & is also building a static Atlantic snorkel boat.

I can't wait to see what they'll be coming out with for the new IJN boats! :D

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