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More 1/72 Gato Goodies

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More 1/72 Gato Goodies

Postby John @ WEM » Thu Jul 19, 2007 10:32 am

We've now got all the master patterns for the various weapons in hand and they will be going off for casting this week. Here's a peek:

PE 7234 is our USN 20mm single Oerlikon, here with it's solid pedestal mount (it will also come with an optional tripod mount in photoetch):

PE 7235 is our 3"/50 on a Mk.19 mount:

PE 7236 is our 4"/50:

You've seen PE 7237, our 5"/25.

PE 7238 is our Browning .50 Cal. air-cooled machine gun with pedestal mount:

PE 7239 is our USN Mk.14 21" Torpedo:

And PE 7243 is our Browning .50 Cal. water-cooled machine gun, here with pedestal mount and cooling tank:

All these weapons will have dedicated photoetch sets.

And speaking of photoetch, our designer, Peter Hall is now at work on three separate sets for the boat itself. PE 7240 will be conning tower details, including periscope shears; PE 7241 will be radars and antennas; and PE 7242 will be prop guards and stern details. All three of those sets will be available as PE 7233, at a 10% discount off the price of the individual sets. All the weapons and photoetch sets ship post-free worldwide.

Don't forget we've also got accurate WW2 USN paints available in our Colourcoats line of enamels, so you can put your boat in Measure 9, Measure 32/3SS-B, or Measure 32/9SS camouflage. No minimum order on paints, and we ship worldwide (shipping on paints is charged at-cost, by weight).
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