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seen 2 kits of the XXIII in 1/72nd today.

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seen 2 kits of the XXIII in 1/72nd today.

Postby Jeffrey J » Fri Nov 03, 2006 8:58 pm

I was in the local hobby shop today looking for the the new GATO, not there yet, but anyway, I ran across 2 type XXIII u-boat kits, they actually looked kind of small, I know the 1/32nd P's are kind of thight so I don't know what you would do witht he 1/72nd scale ones as far as r'/c goes, can't recall who makes them, they were 71.00 bucks each, seemed really high priced for a small model like this, but if anyone is interested I can get more info for you, or check and see who the manufacture is. They had some really well done art work on the box.
Jeff Jones
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Jeffrey J
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Postby sam reichart » Fri Nov 03, 2006 11:26 pm

Jeff- those are the Special Navy Type XXIIIs- expensive kit- yep. are they worth it? If you like the XXIII and want one larger than the braille scale stuff that's out there, then these kits are all you have, unless you move up to the Accurate Armour 1/35 waterline, or a 1/32nd scale R/C version.

This kit was a pain in the ass to build. It comes with photoetch and resin cast pieces. Normally, I like the extras like that, but this model seemed to include extras in P/E and resin just for the sake of including them. The hull halves have no alignment pins or slots, and the plastic was warped like a banana. It's pretty well detailed, and all I have left to do on mine is do the steps in the front of the CT. They are a real pain.... but they didn't have to be.

But, like I said; if you want a larger scale XXIII to go with your Revell Type VII and Gato, it's the only game in town. They will be releasing a Type II in the same scale next year. Will it be a better kit? Don't know...I have some suggestions for the manufacturers, though!

But if you want a large Type II (and I know YOU do Jeff...:) ) you'll cuss and moan, and then go buy one... because that's all there is in that scale.
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