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Neat SEAVIEW and other stuff - TV subs etc

Nautilus, Seaview, and more

Postby modelnut » Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:13 am

Lots of sub stuff here:
Other stuff.

Here is a SEAVIEW and FS kit:

And here is a finished SEAVIEW with something extra:
Finished SEAVIEW
The windows aren't quite right but he deserves praise for his effort!
And the video camera would make for great fun at regatas! :D


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Postby SteveUK » Mon Sep 03, 2007 6:53 am

Thanks for posting modelnut.
Wow that Typhoon he has is awesome.
Seaview front looks a little off, but still neat to see another one.
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Postby clive » Fri Sep 14, 2007 1:13 pm

Great work and the pictures looked good. Had a lot of trouble reading the text though :)

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