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06AUG06 Meet - Ahhhh....the good life!

Long Island, New York State Local Chapter

Postby SubEd Tordahl » Tue Aug 08, 2006 4:20 pm

Ok Shipmates,

Fun was had by all of us who attended the “some what” annual SCLI local Subregatta. More like a mini aka “sub” Subregatta. Those in attendance were Ray Mason, Joe Brandt, Irving Lloyd, my son “Sub” Eddie Tordahl, my brother Dave, and I.

We all mustered at about 10:30 and ran until about 12:30. We ran at the south end of Lake Ronkonkoma, which is VERY high this year. In fact the highest I ever experienced in my running there. The weather was perfect with just the right onshore breeze.

Ray ran his ALFA, just out of a refit period where she was upgraded with the more “correct” ALFA class stern plans and Reactor Coolant scoops, provided by D&E Miniatures. With a slight bit of foam at the bow, she ran perfect, making it look easy, as my brother said. Ray did experience a burst Propel supply hose in his WTC. So after that point he stayed mainly on the surface.

Irving ran his assortment of boats. He ran his SEAWOLF SSN21 Plastic model conversion. It was also Alfa trials for his Modified SUBTECH ALBACORE. We gave him suggestions regarding the foam, lead weight locations. EVERYBODY remember…FOAM=HIGH, LEAD=LOW…FOAM=HIGH, LEAD=LOW. It’s an RC submariner’s mantra. But amazingly, Irving demonstrated you CAN run an RC sub with a 90 degree list! He now knows where to silicone the material in when he gets home. Then he brought out old faithful, USS LIONFISH. For those of you who’ve made the North East Regattas, you know her well. She ran quite well, until the fire casualty. Boy, can Electrical tape make smoke! Fortunately Irving runs dynamic diving wet hull boats. VERY wet hull boats. Some electricity, a little fire, LOTS of water….fire out, go figure! Nothing broke that can’t be fixed with a little rewiring. You go Irving!!

Joe tried to run his U25, discovered quickly he had a propulsion problem, which he promptly traced to the Speed Controller. Quick enough fix which he’ll remedy before we see him again. BTW, Joe informed us that Krick U25 is about 22 years old! Talk about faithful!!

I, unfortunately had nothing to run except my son’s 1/48 USN Tug, YTB-68 “MYSTIC”. I built this tug as a compliment to my 1/48 Scale USS SHARK SSN-591. The “MYSTIC” was actually conceived and modified to retrieve errant RC subs on the surface, which she can do quite well provided the model is surfaced and of sufficient scale that her sail/conning tower can be captured by the retrieval boom.

The reason I had no sub to run is that I’m coming off a three year hiatus and the boats need to be recommissioned after the mothballing. Not a biggie, just want to do it right. Everything (except most of the batteries) seems to have held up well.

The 6th is actually my son’s birthday; he turned 13 this year, and received a brand new Small World Models BLUEBACK for his troubles, which he brought to show everyone. Everybody was impressed with Dave’s engineering. Yeah, this new teenager is quite happy. The best part, the BLUEBACK WTC is a drop fit for his 1/96 Scale ALFA, whose WTC had a causalty and requires a MAJOR overhaul.

After the lake, we all headed over Ray’s house for the afternoon BBQ. Food, drinks, fun and even cigars were the second order of the day. I must say, Ray, his wife Patty as well as their daughter Suzanne really treated us right! I tell ya, there is nothing (well, almost nothing) better than an afternoon talk of “Sub” shop with good food to make your year. Man I missed this stuff.

As the afternoon came to an end, we discussed the future. We’re actually hoping on running a larger, more official regatta here in the northeast sometime soon. We’re taking preliminary steps to contact the local municipalities as well as researching logistics for a medium to large scale regatta at Lake Ronkonkoma. Not quite as large as the Annual Subregatta, but large enough for those who can’t, for whatever reason, trek to the Midwest. Other than that, all is well with the Long Island Chapter. Our next meet is the 3rd Sunday of September at Lake Ronkonkoma.
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Postby Crazy Ivan » Tue Aug 08, 2006 5:42 pm

Glad to hear that Irv is alive and kicking. We miss chatting with him every year at the Subregatta since we moved it to Carmel. Sounds like he hasn't lost his touch. :) Give him our regards from "The Rochester Gang", and to Ray as well!
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