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some boat to build - just a few

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Postby STARK » Tue Aug 01, 2006 6:28 am

If some of you guys are woundering what to build , or think their are not enough kits out their to build , than I susgest you try one of these , to name a few ! D&Es SKIPJACK , Petes TEXAS ,WARFISH MODELS 21 boat ,Steve N. BLUE BACK , Dave Manleys Kits , SubTecks MARLIN , ALBACORE , ScaleShips AKULA , OTW line of fine boats , ATOMIC SUBS, and soon Kevins OSCAR II ,and if we are luckey some one will pick up Jeffs beautiful TYPE II , so get it on man , buy some how and start down the path to a very satisfying HOBBY !!! BS

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