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August Meeting - We Return to Subase, NLON !

New England US Local Chapter

Postby wlambing » Sat Jul 29, 2006 11:02 pm

SubRon 4's August and September meetings will both be onboard the Subase in Groton, CT. For August- 1030 AM-1600 PM, Saturday the 19th. Location- North end of Rock Lake. The parking, pavilion and beach are there. I must submit a roster of attendees 1 week prior to, for those needing temporary base passes for the day. The deadline for the roster inputs to me is 2400, 11 AUG O6, via e-mail.
I will need the following info for each person in a vehicle;
Full Name:
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:

For a temporary pass, the DRIVER will need to produce:
Valid Driver's License,
Proof of Insurance, and
Valid Registration

I will post more info, as necessary.
Take care,
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