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SubRegatta update = June 5 - Carmel looking good!

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby TMSmalley » Mon Jun 05, 2006 7:30 am

I got an email from David Crawford who is coming to the SubRegatta with his wife, Karen. He was wondering if any of the wives would like to get together and go do something while we are running subs. If your lady is interested in putting together a shopping trip, lunch outing or some such thing for Saturday - send me an email and I will get you in contact with David. I just didn't want to post his email address on the board.

Maybe the gals can figure out something fun for them to do. Chris Campbell can get them info on local restaurants etc.

This past weekend, SubRon6 had a fun run this weekend at the Carmel reflecting pond, home of the 2006 SubRegatta. The weather was perfect and the pond looked great! Nice and clear (see attached photos.) The hotel is fantastic. We haven't stayed in this one before and everyone was very impressed. This place is even better than our hotel last year - and only a little over a year old. Nice big meeting room for our Friday Meet and Greet and Saturday SubSeminar night events, nice restaurant in the hotel, etc etc! It is 1.4 miles from the pond.


John Schagane runs his LA in the Carmel pond on June 3.

My type XXIII in the Carmel pond this weekend.

Al Bass' Shu looks great against the blue of the pond bottom. Al wanted me to be sure and tell everyone that this model was originally built by Tom Anderson and Will Oudmeyer.


Paroramic view of the inside of the hotel lobby. Right side is restaurant, left is entrance and check in.

Bob Eissler works on his U-47 while Bob Billhorn looks on.


Pete Piekarski runs his Seawolf model with RCABS ballast system while Bob Eissler gets ready to shoot some photos.

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