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Gakken Color Special “U-Boats in WW I & WW II”

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Postby Jim Kerswell » Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:57 pm

A friend recently returned from a trip to Japan with a copy of the softcover book with the above title. The text is entirely in Japanese but the graphics and photos are quite spectacular. The book is 194 pages, and the first 33 pages are a number of two-page paintings of various U-boats from the U-9 of WW I to the Type XXIII of WW II. This is followed by a “Photo Document”, a collection of photographs of the various classes from WW II. While I don’t claim to have seen all the U-boat books, many of these photos are new to me. I am always amazed that new photographs keep showing up.

The center of book contains a two-page fold out showing scale profiles of various WW I U-boat classes on one side and WW II classes on the obverse. Seeing them all together I was amazed at the variety of boats that were produced during WW I by the Germans.

The largest section is divided into six parts describing each of the significant classes illustrated in the foldout. Unfortunately, as I said, this text is all in Japanese. There follows a two part section devoted to unbuilt proposed submarines from both wars and foreign submarines impressed into the German navy such as the Italian submarines renumbered “UIT”. I was interesting seeing the proposed turreted “U-cruisers” from WW I.

The book concludes with short sections devoted to various weapons: guns, torpedoes, radar warning receivers, periscopes, decoys, tactics, engines, and several pages of tabular data on the many U-boat classes.

The price on the back cover is 2000 yen, and the ISBN number is ISBN4-05-604350-7.

Even though most of us would be unable to read this book, the graphics, alone, make this a worthwhile addition to anyone’s library on U-boats.
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Postby Gerwalk » Tue May 30, 2006 1:42 pm

Japanese books are great! Here you can see part of the book and buy it (out of stock these days :( )
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