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SubRegatta 06 update May 24, 2006 - It's coming!

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby TMSmalley » Wed May 24, 2006 7:35 pm

The International SubRegatta 2006
July 29-30 Carmel, Indiana

More info at SubRegatta page - scroll down once you get to the events page

Hello Guys and Gals!

This is the first of a regular series of updates on the SubRegatta and how it is shaping up.

Looks like we will have a great turnout once again from the number of folks that have pre-registered. There are a number of guys who are coming who haven't pre-registered yet. If you know any of these folks, please have them send me an email to with their name, home town and subron affiliation. We also want spouses' names so all the adults and anyone who is going to run a sub can have a name badge ready when they arrive. So far at least a dozen spouses are coming. If a non-sub running attendee would like a name badge we can arrange for that too ;-)

The requests for raffle prize donations have gone out to hobby vendors and I am looking forward to seeing a number of great donations like last years record pile of goodies. We sold so many raffle tickets the cost of the event was covered with change left over - I think one of the few times this has happened.

Steve Neill has already promised hulls for a Blueback and George Washington rc model. Traxxas called me yesterday saying they were looking at some major donations and a vendor in Michigan is sending a check for $100 to help with the event. John Schagane is donating a brand new twin stick Ace transmitter outfit too.

I am hitting everyone up for raffle prize donations from you as attendees as well. (Last year we got almost as much from SubCommittee members as we did from the vendors!) Sub books, electronics, kits, tools, waders, etc, etc, etc are all gladly welcomed.

New for this year, we will be holding "The Great Sub Race". Big Dave Welch is honchoing that so get your fastest boats tuned up.

Fred Freketic is running "Submarine University" at pondside. He will have a tent set up and folks without an RC sub but always wanted to try one can get some stick time under Fred's tutilidge. Fred would like several other public-spirited sub guys are asked to pitch in for several 15 minute segments so Geo will have time to charge batteries and play with his own sub.

We will once again have a free kids raffle Satuday and Sunday when they can drop their name in a hat to win a small kids RC sub.

The friday night meet and greet at the hotel starts at 7 PM at the hotel. Munchies and sodas will be provided along with sub videos and you getting the chance to meet other sub guys from the SubCommittee and reaquaint with old buddies.

Chris Campbell and the Indy Admirals are going to try to have media coverage again this year. In 05, we had TV cameras there Friday, Saturday and Sunday so comb your hair and brush your teeth - you might be a media star!

Be sure to make your hotel reservations - the deadline for the reduced SubRegatta rate is approaching.

Be sure to email me at letting me know what you can donate to the raffle. You will be recognized in the SubCommittee Report Regatta wrap up.

More to come!

Tim Smalley
President - the SubCommittee
Tim Smalley
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