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New Engel kit

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Postby AntoineL » Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:57 pm

Check here
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Postby murraymcdonald » Thu Sep 08, 2005 4:18 pm

Here's the news off Engel's web site in English for you all who can't read german.

Murray McDonald

Engel Type VIIc Kit News.

Statically diving submarine model M1:35

The type VII is the probably most well-known and most legendary submarine of all times. Therefore we decided to take up also this model to our fleet. It is conscious to us that the requirements in terms of this type of model particularly highly

This new angel model does not leave desires open.
The trunk unit is out GRP-MANUFACTURED (handlaminated) and extremely stable as with that entire angel submarine fleet. All fitting parts, which is tower and the rudders from Resin manufactured and most details. Railing, saws, supports and other brass parts are soldered.

The model is provided with a radial separation for plug-in design. The technique stand is developed in the putting building method from CNC milled frames and carriers, developed by us, and reinforced with prefabricated aluminum seaweeds.

As druckkoerper a PVC pipe (transparency) with 3mm serves wall thickness.

The dipping system consists of two piston tanks with in each case 750ml volume.

The model is propelled over two engines over a toothed belt transmission. The engine/gear unit with all ground connections is already by the factory installed and examined.

The supply voltage of the entire model amounts to 12V.

Like all angel submarines also this model is implemented as complete kit. For the enterprise the usual R/C components, like remote controlling plant, are only needed Servos, travel automatic controller as well as the Akkus.

A new milestone in the submarine model construction - competitionless in puncto quality and technology...

The initial delivery is planned for winter 2005/2006. Price 1998.

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Postby Trafalgar » Tue May 23, 2006 8:16 pm

Th new Type VIIc is now on sale

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