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April Meeting - Ok...where & when?

Long Island, New York State Local Chapter

Postby SubEd Tordahl » Fri Apr 07, 2006 11:52 pm

Hi All,

This months SCLI meet falls on...........EASTER!!!

Bad news. :(

Let's postpone until the following Sunday, 23APR06 :)

Any suggestions where to meet, like breakfast (food is priority), then the lake?

Aaaaaaaaaaand by the way, don't expect me to always run this show.
I am just lending a hand to get you ALL together.
Others HAVE to step up. I'm not running this show alone anymore, I'm NOT the chapter head.
You want to meet...then MEET. :cool:

Also....where #### are my issues of the REPORT? ???
"Sub" Ed Tordahl
"Here on the ocean floor is the only independence......
Here I am free......" Nemo
SubEd Tordahl
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