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Local Chapter covering the geography of British Columbia and the state of Washington. The "IP" refers to the "Inside Passage"...the large body of inland water that runs up the coast.

Postby Atomic Subs » Thu Feb 23, 2006 2:11 am

Submarine Captains of the Sub Committee
AUGUST 12th and 13th, 2006.
We are pleased to announce the upcoming West Coast Submarine Regatta. The Regatta will be Hosted by the S/C Chapter “Inside-Passage” at Tualatin, Oregon August 12 & 13 Tualatin is 10 miles below Portland.

• The pond covers 3 ½ acres, clean, clear, fresh water that is 9’ deep, cement edge and a walkway all around.

• Lunch Saturday.

• Registeration fee with lunch or without.

• Hotel and restaurants at pond edge (you can run your boat from your
room or from the dinner table at pond edge)

• We set up at lake edge in a 20x20 tent, and some tables (bring em if
you got em) Charging power at each tree.

• Unload area at north end of pond 20ft from tent, parking near by.

• This same week-end the Portland model boat club will also be on the
pond, there is plenty of room for everyone.

• As with any event there is much planning to make it run smooth, we
would like to know if you will be attending if so please Email to or any questions call Erv Crosby 425-259-4490
or in Canada Duane Hillier 604- 888-2221

• Century hotel and restaurant at lake edge The Century Hotel is at pond
edge, mention Submarine Regatta for discount 1-800 240-9494 Other hotels in area
Comfort Inn 503-612-9952 RV Park of Portland, close by on other side
of freeway make (reservations early) $29.32 FHU 1-800-856-2066

• Map to Tualatin Commons below Picture of 3-1/2 acre pond below
When you get the S/C report check page 56 Jeffery’s comments (hold
the nationals with us) we sure need to get our info in the S/C report.

• Awards will be given out for navigating the steering course, and
modelers choice in “best in show”.

• Lots to do for spouses and children.

• Great shopping (no State sales tax in Or!)

• The Regatta coincides with Tualatin’s Annual Crawdad Festival!!

• More information is available from Irv or Duane.

We hope to see you at the Regatta. Almost guaranteed to have good weather, definetly guaranteed that a good time will be had by all
Lyle Jansma
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Atomic Subs
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Postby Bob the Builder » Thu Feb 23, 2006 11:36 am

I will be there.

I hope we can get a good turnout, as I've only been to the local IP Regatta here in Victoria. We got about six or eight skippers that weekend along with about a dozen boats. Hoping to see a lot of faces there, and put them with names!

I'll have my newly refurbished Disney Nautilus and my 1/50 OTW Victoria/Upholder in running trim (if the sub gods are smiling over the course of the next few months). If things go well, there may also be a small 72nd Nautilus patrolling the deep.
Bob Martin,
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