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Calling Mike Dory! - ?

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Postby D Manley » Mon Feb 24, 2003 3:40 pm

I have recieved several e-mail's from Mike but my reply's get bounced back, does anyboby know his phone #?



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D Manley
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Postby 77-1046156490 » Tue Feb 25, 2003 3:36 am

Hi Dave, I have had some computer problems of late but I believe I've overcome these. I'll know more about the cancer and what treatments I'm in for aftrer I see the doctor on Tues. Wish me luck. Call if you can (360) 921-0428 Mike [B] ???

Postby Desert Boat » Tue Feb 25, 2003 11:13 am

Mike, Nita and I have you in our prayers. You have a lot of friends out here. Hope to see you and your wife this summer. Ray
Ray Agee
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Desert Boat
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Postby TMSmalley » Tue Feb 25, 2003 4:22 pm

Mike - I hope you know you have a LOT of friends in this group and we are all pulling for you. Hang in there buddy!
Tim Smalley :)
Tim Smalley
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Postby Casey Thrower » Tue Feb 25, 2003 7:21 pm

Spoke with Mike on the phone a bit ago. I let him know I and all the SC are pulling for him. He sounded upbeat and is making up his mind about treatment. Things on his end look good in the longrun.

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Casey Thrower
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Postby 82-1045815099 » Thu Feb 27, 2003 2:46 am

Hi Mike,
Only by looking at this posting I found out you were ill.
I hope and pray that all will go well with you.
Best wishes from across the pond.
Alec. :) :cool:

Postby 69-1045870627 » Sat Mar 01, 2003 12:33 am

Hi Mike:
Sorry you are ill, if there is anything I can do I'm only a phone call away. Please don't forget Lena is a Doctor and you know she will do all she can also.

Sincerely, Ed & Lena Cannady

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