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new OTW Valiant class now available

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Postby Peter W » Mon Jan 16, 2006 3:33 pm


Just a opinion but the OTW hull looks to have a bow more like a Resolution class to me. The Valiant and sister ship Warspite both appear in the pics I have to have bows similar to the Churchills.


Just an answer to the Ohio Vs Vanguard question but as far as I am aware the Vanguard class have pumpjets and the Ohio class subs do not. Pumpjets as far as I am aware have a better power to thrust ratio than normal props.

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Peter W 2731UK
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Peter W
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Postby Gerwalk » Mon Jan 16, 2006 4:09 pm

Sub culture wrote:Courageous is Churchill class though, so won't there be some differences?


I suspected (from the few photos I have) that the Valiant class has also a rounded bow as Peter W said. But... the main reason is that (I think) we are all talking about a Churchill class here since as Sam said (in spite of the title of the topic!!) :D :

"This model will build into a nice version of the Conqueror which was involved in the incident in the Falklands war."

BTW: Just in case someone don't know what Sam is talking about that "incident" implied the first time ever a SSN (HMS Conqueror) sunk a warship (the cruiser ARA General Belgrano) in anger (and that is what makes a Churchill class model a very interesting subject!) That war had also implications in the diesel submarine doctrine operation: a few diesel subs(especially the ARA San Luis) from the Argentine navy fighting against a fleet that was a main part of NATO "ASW" system, even if they couldn't sink a single enemy ship, proved that the diesel submarine concept was not obsolete at all. ARA San Luis shoot at least three torpedoes and escaped unharmed under the Royal Navy Task Force.
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