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u-boat books

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Postby TK-7642 » Tue Jun 24, 2003 2:05 pm

What is the best u-boat book out there, in terms of information and pictures?
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Postby JWLaRue » Tue Jun 24, 2003 7:40 pm

Whew! This will be an interesting forum thread!

Here's my answer:

The answer is 'it depends'.

It depends on whether you are interested in a specific class of U-boat. (e.g. for a Type VIIC the best single book is "Vom Original Zum Model: Ubootyp VII C" by Fritz Kohl, others are available for other classes)

If you are looking for the design and developmental history, then the best book is "The U-boat" by Eberhard Rossler.

If you are looking for operational history from inside the U-bootwaffe, then it's a little harder, but the books by Lawrence Paterson ("The First U-boat Flotilla", and "The Second U-boat Flotilla") are very good.

An excellent 2-book series on the U-boat war ("Hitler's U-boat War" by Clay Blair) is a treasure-trove of information on the Battle of the Atlantic as seen from both sides.

For a more general overall view of U-boats I would suggest "U-boats: The Illustrated History of the Raiders of the Deep" by David Miller.

There are hundreds of books on this subject, each with their own specific focus, some with a particular point-of-view (or sometimes outright bias), some without any photos, and some nothing but photos.

So what's your particular interest. We'll help you out!

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