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Delfin Kit

R/C Submarine modelers

Postby Krytos » Tue Jun 03, 2003 7:38 pm

Hey, Im not exactly new to this hobby but this will be the first time I buy a sub. Since I don't a thousand dollars to spend on a sub the first time around I found myself looking at lower priced subs.
TheDelfin From modelluboot.
I just have a few questions.
1. Does anybody here own it?
2. Is it hard to build?
3. What do I need other than whats included?
4. About how fast is it?

Another thing, here in South Florida (Miami, South Beach area)
There aren't any Subcommittee chapters that I know of. Are there any modelers that are based out of South Florida that know where I could run my sub with other Modelers?
Even if its a electric boat club, I just dont wanna go out to my park and run my sub alone.

Thanks in advance,
Jose Leon
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Postby M. Munger » Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:16 am

Good day Jose:
We've got a pair of Delphins, fun, fast (brisk walk speed) little boats. The kit builds easily, all you need to complete it is a surface radio, two servos, speed controller and a 6-7 cell battery. Consumables would include adhesives, paint etc. JOIN the SubCommittee, then get back issue #44, Phil Lefkowitz details Danny Green's build of one.

They're the best way to terrorize anything else in the water!

Take care

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M. Munger
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Postby TMSmalley » Wed Jun 04, 2003 11:51 am

Matt's right Jose ~
Those danged Delfins are fast and annoying to most other sub drivers in the area. They're bound to get their skippers bumped into the pond at some point... I know I am bringing my Wrist Rocket slingshot with a pouch full of ball bearings to the next SubRon6 run... :;):

Also - in looking at the SubCommittee membership roster (comes when you get your membership packet) I count 35 members in Florida. Places like Isla Marada, Miramar, Big Pine Key, etc.

You could start a Sub-shine:D State SubRon with that many bubbleheads! Take the plunge and join the SC!

Best regards,
Tim Smalley

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Tim Smalley
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