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Mesage from Dave Keogh of SubTech UK - He is still in business

Know of an upcoming modeling event?

Postby TMSmalley » Sat Jul 23, 2005 3:08 pm

I just got a note from Dave Keogh of SubTech UK


Hi Tim,

I am sending the 3 APC-4's and a couple of the SES-3 switches to Mike Shubar on Monday and he will hand them over when he arrives at the Regatta. Unfortunately we are low on plastics for the kits, so I cannot provide an Albacore or Marlin kit.

Due to time constraints and the high cost of travelling to the USA in July and August from the UK, sadly I will not be coming to the Regatta, but Mike will be bringing a full range of the SubTech products plus a bunch of Albacore and Marlin kits, so hopefully there will be plenty of buyers at the regatta waiting to part with their hard earned bucks!

Hope you all have a great weekend and think of me slaving over a hot soldering iron instead of relaxing and shooting the breeze buy the lakes!

I will look forward to seeing the pictures of what I missed on you web site!

I would be grateful if you could let everyone know that I am only selling the Pandan Models part of the business so that I can concentrate on SubTech. I keep hearing rumours from guys in the US is that I am selling up completely, which is definitely not the case!

Best Regards,
Dave Keogh - SubTech UK
Tim Smalley
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