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Alvin, like Wheaties, is a General Mills product - Alvin?!! Ohhhh KAY!!!!!

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Postby FX Models » Sat May 28, 2005 8:39 pm

I imagine it is watertight in the same way that all the other many penetrators are watertight. On ALVIN there are penetrators which are conical shaped pieces of titanium that fit into perfectly conical shaped holes to match. There is a little oil for a gasket seat. Portholes are a prime example. These conical babies are something like 14" across on the outer diameter, and 2" in diameter at the inside viewing diameter and are 6"-8" thick or so. Pressure does the rest as they seat in their conical depressions with a small oil layer as a gasket seat. You can imagine that the seal improves with depth...

Any shape that aids pressure in sealing is a good thing. Just like putting control rod boots are placed on the outside of pressure hulls if you use boots because otherwise pressure can tear them away. Anything to help pressure help YOU....
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